A Titan is a being from a time before the gods, each representing a basic concept of reality. Each Greater Titan is an unfathomably vast and powerful entity, manifesting as a planet-sized body whose interior encompasses the numerous ever-changing aspects of their basic concept. They are difficult to describe as fully sentient, and they only feel a few basic impulses: mainly to understand and control everything that is in keeping with their nature, and to destroy everything that is not.

In order to better act upon these impulses, the Titans created their various avatars. Avatars do not possess all of the power of their creators, but they are fully intelligent and tend to have enormous personal drive and ambition. They utterly lack any kind of morality that humans would recognise; they are selfish, savage creatures whose vast power is untempered by wisdom or restraint. Each avatar is served by titanspawn, while some also make use of Dead, Undead, and Therianthrope agents.


A titanspawn is a being directly created by a Titan’s raw power, and probably the biggest foe a scion can encounter in the World. Some are unique, and some belong to a race serving the Titans. Most of them can be classified into three different categories:

  • Chimera: These are amalgamations of different creatures’ body parts, or mundane animals grown to tremendous size by infusions of Titanic power. There are many of them, but most are unique and unable to breed.
  • Giants: Most of these are enormous beings resembling humans, but created from the very elements of the Titan. A few are quite mundane though, looking just like huge humans. They are often found where muscle and violence are needed.
  • Minions: They are races of servitors created by the Titans. They are often created for tasks giants are unfit to complete, or where subtlety, stealth, or guile is required. Some of those races have turned their back to their creators, as did most of the Tengu and almost all the Dwarves.
  • Blessed: These are mortals that have traded a portion of their humanity away for a deeper connection to the Titan they worship. Unlike the average mortal worshipper, these worshippers are often “gifted” with strange mutations that belie their connection with their titan patron.

Other Titanspawn are less easy to categorize, being more powerful or unique than is normal for minions, but not fitting the usual criteria for giants or chimera.

Battling a titanspawn has advantages, though: Scions can get a part of chthonic power from the dead beast and make it their own, just like their forefathers before them. Their nature varies from titanspawn to titanspawn. A good example is the Nemean Lion’s skin that Heraclès took and then wore when he bested it.


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