This Purview derives from the ancient Egyptian understanding of the metaphysical composition of the soul. According to that belief, the soul consists of the ren (name), sekem (energy), ba (soul/personality), ka (corporeal life-force), akh (postmortem union of ba and ka), khaibit (shadow) and sekhu (the body’s physical remains).

Khaibit’s Blessing: Once per session the character can go completely unnoticed in plain sight for an entire scene.

Speak Ren: Once per session, the character may speak the name of any inanimate object, allowing them to influence the object through force of personality alone. This allows the Scion to treat his social attributes (and favored abilities) as if they were physical attributes (substituting any social attribute for any physical one). This allows the character to do things like intimidate rocks into moving aside, tricking a lock into thinking you are the proper owner of a building, or impressing a manhole cover with your beauty so that it jumps in the way of an oncoming bullet to save you.

Infuse Ka (requires Speak Ren): Once per session the Scion may inflict a mild consequence to herself, bind the wound with linen, and infuse the linen with a part of her Kha (the wound must then be healed normally). The bandage is then folded and placed into a small canopic jar. When this bandage is later used to bind a wound, the wound is healed completely (removing a single consequence) and the bandage crumbles into dust.

Sekem’s Blaze (requires Speak Ren): Once per session a character can look a hostile character in the eyes and immediately calm them. This only works on characters with equal or lesser legend than the character, and lasts for the remainder of the scene or until the target is attacked.

Influence Ba (requires Sekem’s Blaze): Once per session the character can influence the mind of another character, completely replacing one aspect dealing with their personality (including nature, calling, any personality style attributes, virtues, and knacks) with another of the Scion’s devising (or adding a completely new aspect if the Scion desires). This alteration is always temporary for heroic NPCs and other Scions, lasting the remainder of the scene. With non-heroic mortals the Scion can spend a point of Legend to make the change permanent.

Shape Sekhu (requires Influence Ba): This boon operates identically to Influence Ba; however, this boon allows the scion to alter the target’s physical aspects.


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